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January 19th, 2009

News Release

Advanced Telemedical Telehealth Certification Training and Telemedical Network Installation

Worldwide, High Level, On-Site Telemedical Telehealth Training and/or Telemedical System Installation Is Now Available To Physicians, Nurses, Administrators, IT Specialist and Operations Managers
(Worldwide = We Can Travel To You)

Availability Dates

Call or email to discuss telemedical training or telemedical systems installation for dates available between June 1st, 2009 and December 15th, 2009
  • Individual telemedical telehealth training (includes on-site training and the manual) -- Available after June 1st, 2009
  • Group telemedical telehealth training (includes on-site training and the manual for each participant) -- Available after June 1st, 2009
  • Individual telemedical telehealth skills and knowlege course booklets -- Available after June 1st, 2009
  • The complete telemedical telehealth skill and knowlege manual (contains all booklets) -- Available after June 1st, 2009
Note: On-site training means, we travel to you and train you or your staff at your location (worldwide)

For additional information email us at contact@global-trade-route.com


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